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Kendra lust sextape gym Mmm… Sounds perfect! Call me then.” I said before reaching behind her with an arm and pulling her close to me. I crushed her against me and slid my hand low to her round and curvy butt cheeks. I gave a hard squeeze to her ass before bending down and whispering in her ears, “This is sexy!”

“Mmmm…” Dee moaned and came closer to me, obviously still very turned on. I could even smell her pussy’s musky scent as it had to be very wet.

The Fucking

Kendra lust sextape gym It was around 9 in the evening when I got a call from Dee. I had been waiting for it desperately since dinner. As soon as I cut the call I stepped out of my room and climbed the stairs to the first floor hurriedly, making sure that no cousin, uncle or aunt had seen me.

As last time, the front grill door was already open when I reached it so I gently pushed it half-open and slipped inside. I took great care to close it and lock it without making it creak. I turned around and noticed that almost all the lights in Dee’s apartment were off. There was only a small bulb on in her kitchen which lit the stairs that led to her room.

Kendra lust sextape gym I was fantasizing and trying to come with the best way to make her love her first sexual experience and exclaimed loudly when I felt someone grab me from behind as soon as I took the first step up.

“Whoa!… Dee! You scared me, man!” I said, after realizing that it was Dee and I hadn’t noticed that she was in the kitchen, and not upstairs in her room.

Kendra lust sextape gym “Yeah! Big boy getting scared now?” Dee giggled and said in a teasing tone before letting go off me. I smiled and turned around to notice that she was wearing her bathrobe. I also noticed that she had on mild makeup. I loved the dark chocolate-colored lipstick she wore. It went very well with the light cream eye shadow and her dusky skin.

Date: August 14, 2021
Actors: sally d'angelo