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Juicy Huge Oiled Ass It took 2 days for me to make myself free from family members. Their house and our house is separated by a common compound wall and during this time she used to walk in and out showing her round butts moving rhythmically, bending to pick up something on the floor and show her bare boobs from her nighty, show her boobs side view from her saree. She was teasing me and testing my patience. I felt like to jump the wall and lift her dress and fuck her then and there.

Juicy Huge Oiled Ass I made myself free from my activities and I asked her to keep the door open as I will be jumping into her house without anyone noticing me. I was about to go there, to my surprise she called me to hold on as her sister has come and will be staying for some time. I was depressed. All of a sudden she called me that her sister left. Without any further delay I slowly entered into her house and Juicy Huge Oiled Ass quickly closed the main door. Slowly walked into her house and saw her standing her near to TV stand and cleaning the things there. I went and stood behind her, she was wearing a pink saree. I placed my hands on her butts. She felt relaxed and leaned back on me. Since I was with her after a long time, I have started rubbing my palm on her round butts and lifter her saree. She was not wearing panty. I was rubbing my dick on her butts with my pants on and inserted my hands under her arms and grabbed her boobs and started pressing them over her blouse. There was no bra inside. I Juicy Huge Oiled Ass could feel her nipples.

It was 11am and there was high possibility of any neighbours coming there and we being in the hall just after the living room, so she asked me to proceed to kitchen. I did not want her to put back her saree down, holding her lifted saree in my hands I walked into the kitchen. She turned at me and placed a Juicy Huge Oiled Ass passionate kiss on my lips exchanging saliva and her tongue running on my lips and in my mouth.

Date: July 10, 2020