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Japanese Uncle he left it like that, he answered him “well, all women like getting fucked weather they are decent or not, so why not?”

By then I just had a feeling I may be shared by those two men, and I may just get double fucked, the conversation was kind of leading towards that, especially when I heard Mark saying, “I bet she had a tasty pussy, doesn’t she?”

Japanese Uncle John’s answer shocked me too, but pleased me one way or another, he answered him “she has one of the tastiest pussies I have ever tasted or fucked, she is just perfect Mark, I can never get enough of her body man”.

Mark said “I would love to taste and fuck her pussy man, or at least see it.”

John answer came as a real strange, but lovely, open minded one that I loved so much, he said “well, you can see her, you will meet her, but seeing or tasting her pussy is not something I could decide on, Japanese Uncle this is her own decision, if she agrees, I personally have no objections to that”.

Hearing those words from John, I was sure and very certain, I was going to be shared and double fucked that night, and why not, I like that, it meant more pleasure for me and may be more money too. I think I got the hint, John knew I could hear them, the door was cracked, they were talking loudly, so I took it as if he was asking me if I wanted to fuck his best friend mark or not, alone, or along with him, that was when I decided to act properly. I was fully nude in the bedroom, I put my new nightie on, no undies, Japanese Uncle nothing under it at all, I knew I looked seminude, I started walking out to the living room slowly. As soon as I entered the living room, all four eyes of the two men were concentrated on me; John smiled saying “high Lisa” while Mark eyes were mesmerized all over my body checking me up and down.

Date: September 30, 2021
Actors: capoeira