Japanese step mom and her hot friend A perfect sex Zena Little affair


Japanese step mom and her hot friend With tears in her eyes she told them that she had to wear that outfit. She whined that if they caught her with the equipment, they would hurt her. It was like she already was under their mental control and was afraid to disobey. How they accomplished that, I had no idea, although it wouldn’t be too long until I found out.

I, on the other hand, happily put on the wire under my black pants and white sleeveless blouse with a bra. Tito told me to wear short skirt and no bra, but I was defiant. After all, I was only going to catch these thugs kidnapping me. I had no intention of having sex with any of these gang bangers. After I was fitted and tested to see if it worked, we went to leave. But as we were getting in my car, Sid told us that whatever happens; do not get into their vehicles. He walked over to me and put a silver bracelet on my arm. I was seated on a ledge when he took a photo of me.

Japanese step mom and her hot friend Then he whispered, “Don’t take this off. It has a GPS chip in it and good for 30 miles. I don’t trust these cops. I feel they have someone on the inside helping them.” He kissed my forehead.

We were running late because of being with Sid. Geri got a nasty text from Tito, asking her where we were. She told him that we would be there is a few minutes. As we pulled into the bar lot, he had us drive to the back and park under some big trees next to a beat up white van. The van and trees hid my car. Anyway, we sat in the car for some time, until Tito pulled up in the black van and parked next to me opposite side of the other van. The trees and vans hid my car.

Date: October 10, 2021
Actors: zena little