Japanese Sleeping Mom Caught Her Son In Midnight


Japanese Sleeping Mom I invited my girlfriend Donna for drinks we were on our second glass of wine I told her about my situation, “Is it because hubby’s away too much?” she asked, “Partly,” I answered grudgingly. “And partly because when he is here, you’re not getting’ enough, right?” Donna grinned. I blushed and looked at Donna with a rueful smile. Donna smiled and said “I know the feeling sweetie, what you need is a good lover,” I blushed again, and asked “how do I find a good lover”.

Japanese Sleeping Mom Donna giggled, “Nina tell me how did you lose your cherry”, I giggled then told her the story.I was 19 years old, I had blossomed and was already wearing 32-B bras and had a cute 34″ womanly bum. I had gone out with a few boys had done some necking but nothing serious. My dad’s boss “Dan” was a young tall man in his 30’s he used to visit us. My mom and dad were very respectful to him and I kind of liked him. It started out with innocent kisses on the cheek, followed by long hugs, and eventually inappropriate touching.

Japanese Sleeping Mom I mean stroking my hair, grabbing my hand or arm, and even patting my behind sometimes. Donna giggled, must be fun. I giggled yes it was. I really like to see more of your panty, Nina”, I looked into his eyes and nodded my head, and his hand slightly caressed my bum and said, “Nina here is my card call me” I slipped his card in my panties. Donna giggled very safely kept.After the BBQ, my parents and Dan were having drinks, I went up to my bedroom, after a while I saw my mom bringing Dan outside, she gave him a very close a bit longer hug, I noticed his hand caressing my mom’s buttocks, I felt soo jealous suddenly. Japanese Sleeping Mom

Japanese Sleeping Mom Then Dave waved, got into his car and drove away. I was feeling wet and tingly between my legs since our interaction in the kitchen room. I lay down on my bed and imagined what it would be like to kiss him and I slid one of my hands under the elastic waistband of my cotton panties. I parted the wet flesh with my fingers and glided them back and forth over my swollen clitoris. Of course, I tried to picture what Dan looks like under all his clothes.

Date: March 17, 2019