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JADE KUSH Hairy Mom #Compilation I just finished getting changed into my normal clothes and headed out the back doors. When I got into my yellow mustang I felt more relaxed already. I loved my car and I could just drive around all day to nowhere… and everywhere. I sat in the parking lot while I waited for the morning dew to clear off my windshield. Just when I took a deep breath, I snapped back into reality. “omg, what am I doing?!

JADE KUSH Hairy Mom I’m going to be late! ” I said to myself, just remembering that I had a breakfast date this morning. Not really a date, but I was meeting an old friend, John, who I hadn’t seen since high school. John was cute and single but had a child from another woman. I didn’t see us having a serious relationship. But I did want to see him just because he was super cute and fit.

JADE KUSH Hairy Mom I told myself that I’m only going to see him as an old friend, nothing more. To be honest, I had imagined what it would be like to feel his hands grab my firm and tender c-cup breasts. Then his hand sliding down to my slim waist slowly, gently griping on my hips. I wanted his toned manliness taking control of my small framed tanned asian body. The early morning was still dark and dreary and I nearly hit a light post in a rush to get home and take a shower before I went to see John.

JADE KUSH Hairy Mom There weren’t very many other cars on the streets. I drove over the speed limit, thinking about John taking me from behind aggressively while pulling my dark silky hair. I was getting wet. I had to calm myself down. Maybe I was getting too excited. I thought to myself, “remember now, this is not a date, we’re just two friends meeting up.” I let off the gas a little and took a breath.

JADE KUSH Hairy Mom Eventually my mind couldn’t help itself from imagining my 110 lbs tanned body being manhandled by sexy John. I thought about his lips sucking on my dark nipples. His tongue swirling around and then his teeth nibbling on my hardened nipples. An upcoming light turned yellow. I couldn’t think straight at the time, my mind was everywhere. Do I hit the brakes? Do I speed up?

JADE KUSH Hairy Mom I panicked, I stepped hard on the gas and ran through the intersection. I thought to myself, “Was the light yellow or red? Did I make it? I’m pretty sure I made it.” I couldn’t tell if my heart was racing because of my perverted thoughts about John or running a possibly red light. #hotmom #atkhairy #hairywomen #hairymature #hairyteen #hairygranny #hairygirls #hairydivas #hairybbw #girlswithhairyarms #chubbymom #hairymaturewomen

Date: July 2, 2022
Actors: jade kush