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Innocent hot teen It was nearly 2 am and Larry refilled the margarita bowl, announcing this was the last batch, the bar was closed, and everyone should drink up! I looked over and Karen was busy talking with a small group in the kitchen. I went to the table and poured my final margarita. As I turned to go back into the living room, Cindy was next to me asking if I would fill her glass. She then asked if I would like to get some fresh air with her, she was getting a little warm.

Innocent hot teen After we passed through the french doors leading to the deck, she took my hand and led me to the end of the deck, away from the light coming through the doors and windows. Meanwhile, someone had put on a CD of slow dance music. She put her glass on the rail, took mine and put in on the rail, and took me in her arms and began to dance with me. I had danced with her many times before, but this one seemed different.

Innocent hot teen She pulled herself close to me, almost pushing in, I could feel her breasts on my chest and her pussy up against my dick, her head cradled on my neck, her hand on the back of my neck, kind of humming along with the music. She slipped one of her legs in between mine and moved her crotch, provocatively, over my thigh.

Innocent hot teen She was definitely quite high, slightly slurring, her breath overpowering with tequila. She whispered it felt so nice being in my arms and so close to me. I was so strong, she felt so secure. She asked if I liked holding her, did I like having her in my arms. I, of course, was polite and said she was quite a package to hold.

Innocent hot teen She was holding my left hand as we danced, then gently moved it over her right breast, rotating it around and around, then squeezing my hand, cupping her breast. She took my fingers and rolled them around her erect nipple, now sticking straight out under her blouse. She asked if I liked touching her breast and I said it was wonderful, but we should stop before we got into trouble.

Date: July 11, 2020