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Indian Movies Knowing I was nearing my threshold and she sat all the way down on my cock and began grinding against me moving her waist and arse in a circular motion, and dipping her lower back forward and leaning her shoulders and head back against me. I fondled her breasts and began playing with her clit when I came deep inside her warm pussy, she encouraged me to keep cumming telling me to fill up her pussy while taking over from me rubbing her clit when I was overcome by my orgasm. I was still weak and secreting my man serum into her lady lair, she began to jerk as she too was overcome by another orgasm. I took over the clit rubbing until her final few spasms and we ended up sitting there in a hot sweaty sticky entanglement of tired and soggy genitals.

Indian Movies As we regained our composure Trishna stepped up from my lap and quickly took her panties which was sticking out of my trouser pocket and put them on,

“These are going to be soooo soggy, yuck.” she said.

“I like my Trish covered cock, and I will wear it proudly.” I said as I laughed.

Indian Movies She was fixing her clothes and shuffling around uncomfortably,

“How much did you put in me?” she said,

“All of it”, I chuckled.

She smiled and we got ready to head back to the office.

“I definitely need to go to the toilet to get some tissues” she said as we left.

Indian Movies She stopped me briefly for a kiss, and then walked ahead allowing me to watch her cute arse swaying in her leather skirt as she walked, trying to prevent cum leakage enroute to the restroom. As she entered the restroom I continued straight on to the office, I could see the light on in Gary’s office but I didn’t notice until I was much closer that he was actually in there and so was Kelly.

Date: August 21, 2021
Actors: brandi love