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couple swap #CollegeCouples #College #Couples Never having had c***dren helps I suppose, although I’ve wanted them in the past. Just HE couldn’t get it up enough to breed me. It’s not been a bone of contention, just a slight regret on my behalf. But then, as a result, we have the funds to live a life my friends can only wish for, as their money is tied up their c***dren, swings and roundabouts I suppose.HE has already left for work, he works long and hard hours, often away.

couple swap It pays for the nice cars, the expensive clothes, the good house, the indoor pool, it provided the money for me to start up my own business. Life’s good. It’s such a shame HE is a shit shag. Especially in the morning. No foreplay, straight in, a few grunts, a little dribble, and he’s into the shower rushing to get out and beat the motorway traffic. It leaves me so unsatisfied.

couple swap Good job I’ve an account with Ann Summers, and have a selection of self-help toys, as I need to finish the job of myself most of the time. Like I did this morning.Being the boss has its perks. I don’t have to rush in for 8:45 like I expect my staff to. I expect them to put the hours in, they’re rewarded financially. I don’t tolerate slackers,

couple swap I fuck them off very quickly, and as the years have gone on, I’ve a very loyal, hardworking core of people, who I know I can rely on to deliver the goods. There’s definite junk in the trunk there. It goes against the firmness of the rest of my body, and I could work at it in the gym, but I like it just the way it is. I fill a pair of jeans, I like the glances from the males of the world. “Hell, yeah Lou, you’re working it yet again.”I go over to the drawers, black opaque stockings picked,

couple swap I sit on the bed, and roll them slowly up my legs. I pull them all the way up, until they stop just below my smooth pleasure zone. The elastic in the tops holding tight on my thighs. I choose a matching red bra and thong set, trimmed with a little black lace, so subtle you must look real close to see it. I fasten the bra, and turn it round, and put my arms through the straps.

couple swap I love the sheer material, that it doesn’t hide my pierced nipples. But then the thong barely covers my strip of pubic hair. I decided not to trim it all away yesterday…not that HE noticed. Makes you wonder why I bother sometimes.Over to the wardrobe, I pick a dark grey suit, the skirt coming to just above my knees, with a split up the front of about four or five inches. I pick out a red blouse, thin in material, but goes all the way to my neck. No need to show cleavage today, #blackedvideos #bluevideo #hotmoviescenes #indiandating #freehotvideos #indianhotvideos #indianmarriage #indiavideo #asiancouple

Date: April 28, 2019