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Indian Couple First Wedding Night I hold it in my hand and start jerking him slowly. Every time I bring my hand to the top, his cockhead took out some wonderful drops of precum, so clear like there were drops of water. Took out my tongue and touch those drops. Start making circles with my tongue on his big cockhead spreading the precum all over it. Slowly put …

Indian Couple First Wedding Night my lips around his head and start sucking him like a vacuum until all his head get in my mouth. For a few minutes I jerk him while sucking his cockhead and playing with my tongue around his head. He starts moans. I thought that he must not cum. I have to make him cum in a condom as Master told me. Then I stop jerking him and sucking, almost ruining his orgasm.

Indian Couple First Wedding Night I took a condom and put it to him. I start sucking him again because he get a little soft with all the condom thing. Sucking his balls while jerking he got in a full erection again and ready. I thought that I want this fat cock in my pussy. To open me good to take out all that cum from inside me.

Date: February 27, 2019