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Indian boy white girl so having Tiff out of my life really helped me improve as a junior in college.

For a year, we stayed true to that.  She and I effectively had each other shut out, even though I continued to talk with her friends who really were nice to me.  Tiff and I lived an hour apart so I wasn’t exactly worried about running into her in my daily life.

Indian boy white girl Tiff had gone to community college before (she was 2 years younger than I) and transferred to a school right by mine.  I lived at home and she lived in a dorm.  I’d heard she was going to go to school there but I decided to just leave it be.  Senior year was coming.

About a month into the semester, Tiff IM’d me (this was in the days of AIM and not facebook), and asked if I would come see her at school.  I decided to take her up on it, and visit her in her dorm on a saturday night.  My nerdy ass actually spent Saturday studying on campus and decided to just be courteous and maybe become friends.

Indian boy white girl I drove over to Tiff’s school, and she greeted me and we went into her room.  She had on a t-shirt, jean shorts and sandals.  Her roommate had gone home for the weekend, so it was just the two of us.  We made some small talk for a few minutes.  I then decided to “be the bigger man” and apologize for how I ended our relationship, especially for cussing her out.  I explained that she really hurt me and I wanted to do the same thing.  Tiff apologized for treating me badly.

Indian boy white girl Tiff got up and gave me a hug, saying “Dan, I am glad we are past this and hope we can be friends!”.  I broke away from the hug to tell her how glad I was that we were going to be friends and then hugged her again. 

Date: August 30, 2020