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I fucked my college mate while studying mownika was tired and slept.    They both woke up and went for site seeing in the morning. Subash messaged me to confirm whether I have reached Darjeeling or not, to which I confirmed him that I was about to reach.    They reached back to the hotel after having dinner outside and again both started drinking some beers, and started having sex and this time she was demanding more and more sex.   Subash used an empty hollow beer bottle in her pussy to satisfy her like a dildo. He then told me to book a hotel room near the hotel he was staying. I booked the room in a nearby hotel and then informed him about the same.   Subash told his girlfriend to get ready as he I fucked my college mate while studying wants to try something exciting. He kissed her and told her about his plan and arrangements he had made for her. She was excited and her eyes was filled with joy and lust, but also a bit scared.    Mownika:- Are you sure you wanna do this? Subash:-  Yes my love, anything to make you satisfied and experience new things. Mownika:- Had you thoroughly checked about the person whom you wanna involve in the act. Subash:- Don’t worry about that, I have done everything that is required. You just enjoy the night.   Subash smooched her and made her feel comfortable. She wore a top plus denim shorts. She left her hair open. She applied dark lipstick on her lips. She was looking like an amazing sex bomb.   Our plan was going smoothly. Subash blindfolded her and kissed her. She was stund but impressed to. Subash then open the door for me to enter. I ensured I fucked my college mate while studying that when I enter the room mownika don’t feel that I had entered in the room. I entered the room and was waiting for Subash to signal. Once he left mownika, I made sure she doesn’t feel that it was someone else than

Date: July 28, 2021