Huge Boobs teen Anything Goes starring Alexis Crystal and Eva Berger


Huge Boobs teen They carried on talking, more light-heartedly now.

Kirsty was trash-talking Mike and said “I should have spanked him harder, made him my bitch”. She then clapped her hands over her mouth realising what she’d said out loud.

“MUM!” was Alex’s astonished response. Kirsty laughed and said “oh yes, your Dad liked to be spanked. Me too, sometimes, but he really got into it when I took control”.

Huge Boobs teen Alex was wide-eyed and open mouthed at this.

Kirsty turned to Alex and took her hand. “Alex, honey, grown-ups do odd things now and then. We were going through a sticky patch together and thought we’d try a few things to spice it up….in the bedroom”.

Alex flushed a little. “I’ve said too much” was Kirsty’s response and waved her hands in a way that swatting away some bad words.

Huge Boobs teen “No, Mum, it’s fine” replied Alex. “There is the internet, I am aware of these things I just wouldn’t have guessed that it was you…” and she tailed off.

“It was me… what? Honey” quizzed Kirsty.

Huge Boobs teen Alex swallowed. “I would have thought it was Dad that wanted to be in control, not you”. Kirsty smiled. “It’s not so much me WANTING to be in control, but your Dad wanting ME to be in control” Kirsty replied. Alex looked quizzical.

Kirsty sighed then said “OK, your Dad liked me to dominate him – you know, be his ‘Mistress’ in the bedroom”. Kirsty had said it.

Quick as a flash Alex replied “oh, like a Domme?”. Kirsty laughed and said “yes, I suppose so”.

Huge Boobs They went silent but only for a few seconds then Alex continued “but how did you do that?” she asked.

Kirsty put her head in her hands and said “no, no, this is too… embarrassing” and shook her head.

“Oh please Mum, it would answer some questions for me” Alex said softly.

Kirsty turned to her daughter. Her beauty shone through and Kirsty knew she couldn’t keep this lovely young woman at arms-length forever.

“What sort of questions?” Kirsty asked, tilting her head to one side.

Date: June 23, 2020