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Huge boobs #Compilation #Girlfriend #Boyfriend He was a minor jock who liked doing rugged outdoor things, which interested me. I had always wanted to go camping and hiking, but my old buddies had all been basketball nuts. After a couple of months of hanging around together the weather turned nice and Ed suggested a weekend camping trip. I jumped on the idea and Saturday morning we headed off on our bikes to a state park. I didn’t have any kind of camping equipment, so was dependent on Ed to supply what was needed.

Huge boobs #gf #bf He had a tent, which was a little bigger than one of those one-person things you zip yourself into, but not by much. After an exhilarating but exhausting day we squeezed into the tent about nine that night, stuffed full of canned beans and fried Spam. We lay there, in our underwear, side by side talking about who knows what bullshit. I finally dropped off to sleep, still lying on my back. I don’t know how much later it was when I woke up to find Ed had turned facing me, one leg and one arm on top of me,

Huge boobs and I became aware of his stiff dick against my leg. I tried shifting away so our bodies weren’t touching and reached down to move his leg. He stirred, and slid his hand down so it was resting right on my dick. I delicately took hold of his hand to move it, but instead he squeezed my dick. He slipped his hand in the opening of my shorts and wrapped his fingers around my now completely hard meat. I put my thumbs in the elastic waistband and pushed them down and Ed scooted down and started sucking me.

Huge boobs I lay there without moving a muscle for about five minutes, and then nature took over and I started moving my hips up and down. He started bobbing his head up and down to match my movements and we picked up speed until I was bucking my hips and holding on to his head like I might fall through the tent floor. When I came it was like no time I had ever come before.

Huge boobs Fireworks went off inside my head. When he had swallowed all my cum he moved back up, kissed my shoulder, turned his back to me and left me there with my head spinning. As the sun came up the next morning and sent rays piercing through the tent flap, I woke up with my dick hard again.

Huge boobs I turned, pushed it against Ed’s leg and whispered, “Ed, I’m hard again.” He reached back and felt my dick and whispered, “Take it out.” I was out of my shorts in a flash and he again scooted down and took my erection in his mouth. #bigboobs #tits #bigtits #bigtit #bigtitsporn #hugetits #bigtitties #bigboobsporn #bigbreast #bigboob #bigtitstube #massivetits

Date: March 28, 2019