Hot Mature Mom Steals Fucked Daughters Boyfriend


Hot Mature Mom Sam figured Jimmy would say something about being tricked into receiving a blowjob from his transgender sibling while three of his friends watched and jerked off, then – later that same night – having anal sex in his parent’s kitchen – even if it were just a threat to never tell anyone about it. Sam had to admit – as dangerous as the situation was – it was also a turn on. Sucking off one man as others pleasured themselves had ignited a fire in him. At this point, he was fairly certain he couldn’t have Jimmy again, but his friends were a different story.

Hot Mature Mom They, he was sure, would line up to have Samantha on her knees in front of them. He decided to extend his revenge – or, maybe just deepen his enjoyment of it. He logged online – using his Samantha persona – and clicked on Jimmy’s profile. Browsing through his friends list, it didn’t take long to find Tony, Phil, and Rick; the exhibitionist/voyeurs from the previous week. A plan formed in his mind, and with time to kill before his next project was due, he decided to have some fun.

Hot Mature Mom After trading a dozen IMs, Samantha asked Tony if he’d like to meet. He informed her he was stuck at work – a car dealership – until 10:00pm. Samantha offered to meet him there, and he quickly agreed. Sam dressed – donning a loose, black Metallica t-shirt, tight blue jeans, and black combat boots – applied a little make-up, and put on a brunette, bob-cut wig – completing his transformation into Samantha. She examined herself using the full-length mirror in her bedroom.

Hot Mature Mom Happy with what she called her “tomboy” look, she picked up her keys, and then headed for the door. Not wanting Tony to see her car, Samantha parked at Barnes & Noble, three stores away from the dealer. She wandered into the lot, and stopped to browse a few cars while meandering toward the back. Tony walked up as she pretended to inspect a Honda Odyssey. “You don’t strike me as a mini-van kind of girl,” he quipped, his eyes lingering on her ass. “Depends on the situation,” she allowed. “Wanna take a test drive?” he asked with a grin. “How much room is there?” she asked. “Let’s find out,

Date: March 3, 2019