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hot girl fucked by black Orgasms Emma smirked as she turned to the two clearly distraught women and ordered, “Get your tunics off.” Cynthia and Sarah knew that they couldn’t argue and both albeit reluctantly and blushing pulled the tunics up over their heads and threw them towards the back of the stage. There was lots of cheering and laughter from the crowd who stared chattering about the two women’s figures with comments like, ‘Drooping breasts,’

hot girl fucked by black Orgasms circulating around the arena and clearly causing the two women so much embarrassment. Emma glared at Sarah and ordered, “You will only move when I pull you by your nipples. Understood?” “Yes, Miss,” Sarah replied in the fashion she was required to and again there were whoops of delight from the crowd. Emma looked at Cynthia and ordered,

hot girl fucked by black Orgasms “Get across the caning table.” Cynthia knew that whilst Sarah was going to be spanked with a paddle, she was going to be caned. She went to the table which was close to a wall and bent over it. A guard secured her wrists thighs and ankles with leather straps and left her facing in to the arena so she could see Sarah’s punishment just as Sarah was going to watch hers. Emma went to the other table and picked up a wooden paddle with ten holes in it and went over to Sarah and grabbing her nipple squeezed hard until she gasped in pain.

hot girl fucked by black Orgasms Emma pulled the nipple and led a gasping Sarah towards the high-backed chair in the middle of the stage and sat down. Sarah gasped as her nipple was pinched and so wanted to say how unfair it was that a woman her age was being humiliated by an eighteen-year-old but knew the punishment was now all about the victim rather than the culprit and that had the approval of the vast majority who obeyed the laws. It had been a very popular change in fact and reduced law breaking because the retribution faced by the culprit was so humiliating as well as painful.

hot girl fucked by black Orgasms So as Sarah looked down at Emma’s lap and saw her bare thighs and knew her bare tummy would be lying across them in just a few moments she again told herself this must be the last time. When she felt her nipple being squeezed and pulled again she gasped as she quickly lowered herself down and across Emma’s bare thighs catching her fall with her hands on the floor.

Date: March 15, 2022