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Hot Aunt #Caught #Virgin #Cuckold Simon paid with a twenty-pound note, put the change in his wallet and, taking the magazines off the counter, hoped that this was going to be a small price to pay in his pursuit of pussy. Over the next week, Simon devoured the magazines and fashion tips online. He decided the first thing he needed was a new hair style. His hair was naturally curly and he’d kept it long because it allowed him to almost hide his face, a heavy fringe hanging down to his eyes.

Hot Aunt On Facebook, he paid particular attention to the guys his female counterparts coveted. The general consensus was that they liked the rough and ready look. None of the guys had long hair. The style was either short hair gelled in a quaff or shaved. Okay, Harry Styles had longish hair, but looking like someone who appealed to young teenies was not on Simon’s agenda.

Hot Aunt He wasn’t interested in attracting anyone under the age of twenty-one and Simon believed that a penchant for older women would remain with him for his lifetime. After all, having been seduced by his teacher, why would he be interested in the girls in his class? Simon had big ideas for his pussy search. He phoned and booked an appointment for Saturday afternoon. At college, he didn’t see Miss Duval for the rest of the week. Her lessons were being covered by Mr.

Hot Aunt Tranter, a supply teacher who said that Miss Duval had been struck down by a bug. The news didn’t bother Simon too much. By the time she returned the following week, he would have perfected his new look. Hopefully! He definitely hoped that it would lead to some more horny action. The thought of fucking Miss Duval again consumed Simon and he lost count of how many times he’d wanked thinking about their escapade. He also kept

Hot Aunt recalling her comment that she was looking forward to the trip to Belgium with “her favourite boys.” Simon didn’t know exactly what she meant – but he intended to be her best boy and the thought excited him. The weekend finally arrived and Simon’s parents had given him money to buy holiday clothes. He was in dire need of a new wardrobe that was for sure. He couldn’t believe he’d settled for jeans and t-shirts for so long. On Saturday morning, Simon was genuinely excited about the day that lay ahead. #hotaunty #bustyaunty #auntytube #auntandnephew #myhotaunt #matureaunty #hairyaunty

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Date: March 24, 2019