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Harry potter Morning sex So, evening we went to his house which was nearby and waited for his arrival. Mr. Naik, the MLA came by seven and heard our plight. He assured help and asked us to come next morning. Next day he not only paid the balance rent of flat but also suggested us to shift temporarily to a guest house of their party. We were very happy with his help. A day after we shifted to the guest house, Naikji met us there and asked me if I am ready for marriage to one of his friend’s son at Indore.  His argument was that it will reduce the load on my mother. My mom also agreed and he invited his Harry potter Morning sex friend and son to the guest house to meet us. They came by a car which indicated that are well to do. The groom was not bad looking, and he was doing a business in Indore. Only drawback was that this was his second marriage as first wife had expired two years ago. Though the age difference was more than 12 years, as he had no issues, we agreed. Mr. Naik himself shouldered Harry potter Morning sex all expenses of the marriage.

I shifted to my husband’s house a week later and Mr. Naik had helped my mom to buy a small flat nearby. He also gave job to my mother in his office. (It was almost a year later that I came to know that all the courtesy shown to us by Naik was not just kindness, but he and mother had intimate affair since Harry potter Morning sex couple of years. don’t want to write much about that in this story). After I came to Indore my mom is staying with Mr. Naik as his live in partner.

Date: July 23, 2020