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Hairy Brunette My 18-year-old godson had his senior camp at a lakefront retreat last summer, but they were short on volunteers and his mother couldn’t make it, so she asked with me to go in her place. I was a bit reluctant, but they were close to cancelling the camp and I owed her a favor so I agreed.

Hairy Brunette When we all reached the lake and set out find our allotted cabins, I was surprised that I was going to be bunked with my godson and his best friend. When I queried management about the arrangement, they said that usually only male teachers bunk with male students and females with females, but for the last couple of years there had been a drop off in both male teachers and volunteer Hairy Brunette dads, and this year there just weren’t enough to go around. The reason I drew the short straw was because I wasn’t at the volunteer meeting in which everything was arranged. But they assured me it would be fine: it was only three nights and our cabin had been divided in two with a screen, and my godson and his best friend would take one half while I took the other.

Hairy Brunette The ‘screen’ was a bit of a joke – actually it was just a noticeboard on wheels and nowhere tall or wide enough – but to be honest I didn’t mind that much. I figured surely a couple of boys would be a lot easier to manage than a cabin full of girls. They weren’t a difficult pair either – they always hung around together, so it would be an easy assignment keeping tabs on them.

Hairy Brunette I was right. It was fine. For the first couple of nights at least. The boys mainly kept to themselves and we were all so exhausted after the day’s activities that we crashed at night really quickly and slept like logs. By the third night though… What is it about the last night of a camp that makes everyone a bit silly?

Date: December 21, 2020
Actors: lovita fate