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Gyulhay Gyno Exam Then I came down further and removed her panty (wet with pre-cum). She has a pink pussy with clean shaved. She was completely nude in front of me. I was praising her body and she started blushing. I carried her to her bedroom and laid her on the bed. I spread her legs and started kissing her pussy. She was shivering. I opened her pussy lips and inserted my tongue and started licking her wet pussy. She was shouting uuuuuffff aaaaaahhhhh oh god aaaahhhh suck me, babe. You are too good. Suck me suck me harder.

Gyulhay Gyno Exam After hearing this, I got excited and I entered my 1 finger slowly. She was shouting in pain. I was licking her pussy as well as started finger fucking her virgin pussy. Within 5 min, she came heavily. I drank all her juice. She was happy. She was still lying on the bed. I went out to the kitchen. I got some ice cubes in a bowl. She didn’t know that. I started sucking her pussy. She got excited again. I inserted 2 fingers this time. I started finger fucking her some 4-5 min. then I inserted 1 ice cube into Gyulhay Gyno Exam her pussy. She was shocked to feel the sudden chill in her pussy. She could not do anything much as I had inserted into her pussy.
I came on top of her and hold her hands. I took 1 ice cube and started rubbing on her nipples. She was shivering heavily. Then I rubbed on her stomach. She was making sounds
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh stop it, I can’t tolerate. It’s too cold. I let her go.

Gyulhay Gyno Exam Now she got down from the bed and removed my clothes.
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Date: June 16, 2020