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Granny Forced I remembered I had to pick my clothes from the terrace.

While I was going to the terrace, I saw my neighbour aunty there. She was in a low-neck nighty. I could see her cleavage and part of her hot boobs. But as it was already late for me, I left for work thinking I would get a chance to see her the next day.

Granny Forced The next day morning, I went to the terrace again. To my luck, she was there again sweeping the floor. I could see her boobs. But suddenly she saw me looking at her and then she went inside the house. I felt embarrassed and I left for work. And I thought to say sorry the next day for looking at her like that.

So, again in the morning, I went to the terrace to say sorry. She came outside and started to sweep. She saw me and gave me a smile. I was confused and I said hello to her. And even she said hello back. And I did not say sorry as she smiled at me. And I spoke for 5 minutes with her and left for work.

Granny Forced On that day, I was thinking about her and her boobs all day at work. Then when Im back home, I masturbated and I slept.

After I got up in the morning the next day, I went to the terrace and my neighbour aunty was there doing some work. I said hello and she turned towards me.

Granny Forced We started speaking for a few minutes. And I was asking about her past and she said she had divorced her husband as her husband was not a good person. And she said that she had to leave as she had some work. And we departed for the day.

So I knew that my neighbour was alone for so many years and I thought I should give her company. So I had some plans in my mind.

Date: September 2, 2020