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Girlfriend fucked while sleeping Shameless Her hand pushes forward under the covers, and I feel her fingertips touch my d**k. Cum starts to seep out of the tip at this slight touch, and I have to hold it back to keep from c**ming.

“Megan,” I warn, but she doesn’t stop. Instead, she leans closer to me, putting her neck against my mouth and grabbing my c**k under the covers. I moan at the sensation, but lean back to try to break free. As I do, she puts a knee on the bed, making her t-shirt rise, and opens herself to me. I can smell Girlfriend fucked while sleeping Shameless her p**sy, and my mouth starts to water. Her juices must be coating her legs, and I look down, seeing her teenage c*nt open and ready, begging to be taken.

“Please, Coach Burns. I need this. I know you want me. I want this too.” She pauses for a minute, as if she’s looking for the right words. “I want to get off, and get you off too.”

I look into her eyes, and scoot back in the bed. I’ve never been tempted like this before, and goddamn do I want to sink inside her. I look to the door, double checking that it’s locked, and think it over. I could do this. I can just get her off and she can leave. I’ll jerk off about a dozen times after, but I can make this quick. It’s the only way to get her to go, and we don’t want to be caught. I’ll do this for her and she’ll go, I lie to myself. “Fine. But you’ll be quiet. I don’t want your parents finding out. And this stays Girlfriend fucked while sleeping Shameless between us, right?” I look into her eyes. They’re finally free of her glasses and look so much bigger and brighter now.

Date: September 17, 2021
Actors: henessy