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bloody period I want to spit it on him he grabs me by my hair and force my head back as he pinches my nose he tells me to swallow and I think he is going to kill me. I do as I am told and swallow and as he drags me up by my hair I try to fight him he slaps me so hard I hit the ground. Master D- It is always one in the group that want to act tough well this will show her.

bloody period I grab the cattle prod and hit her with a dose of it and she screams as I tell her this is what happens to spoiled little bitches like her I order her to get up when she lays there I hit her again with it and as she screams she gets to her feet. I look over at Sonya who is talking to Jessica while stroking her hair the boy looks pleased. I tell Jessica that she will be getting a reward for a job well done.

bloody period As she and Sonya get on the bed I tell the spoiled bitch that she will be giving the reward when she looks at me I know she wants to kill me I tell her to go for it she is tense and her jaw ticks she looks at the bed as Sonya opens her legs and I smile. Kathy- My whole body hurts I can’t believe that he did that, I don’t want to put my mouth on them but I don’t want to he hurt either.

bloody period Sonya reaches over and takes my hand and put it on Kathy’s head and pushes. I feel myself throb down there I wonder what it feels like. Master- Jessica bend over Sonya yes Master! Oh, My, God that feels good he tells me that I can cum as much as I want I was a good girl and I smile. Kathy will not be Cumming today and he slaps her pussy with the whip.

bloody period Master- I look up to see that Lee is watching and I know that he sees what I see Kathy is going to be a problem. I make a note to look at her file. Jessica- I cum screaming I have never felt anything this good Sonya is sucking on my clit and I know that I will cum again until Master tells her to stop. Kathy- Master tells me I to eat Jessica’s pussy and I look at him, when he picks up that thing I dive in and begin to lick and suck her.

Date: March 16, 2019