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Girl fucked by her tinder Shalini: Hi dear, I read your story on ISS. It was awesome.
Me: Thank you!
After a small chit chat about ourselves
Shalini: Can we meet somewhere on coming Saturday?
Me: Yeah sure. (She shared her pics)

Girl fucked by her tinder As I am living near Forum Mall, I invited her to The Forum Mall by 5 pm. I reached there by 5.05 pm. She was already there. She was in Black 1 piece. She was looking gorgeous in black as her skin is milky white. I got an instant hard-on just by seeing her. We went inside to the cafeteria to sit and talk. We ordered some snacks and were talking random stuff.

Girl fucked by her tinder Then suddenly she holds my hand and started
Shalini: You are awesome. Your story made me wet when I read.
Me: Thank you (awestruck tone)
Shalini: I want you to make me wet and I want you to take inside me. I am virgin yet. I want you to take my virginity.
I was dumbstruck for a sec and I was excited to hear from a girl.
She: Come to my room tonight. I live alone now. Let’s party at my place.

Girl fucked by her tinder Me: Ok sure. Let’s go then.
We went to Johny Walker. Bought vodka and fruit juice and while going I bought a condom packet from the chemist.
We reached her flat. She is living alone there. We both sat together on the sofa. It was around 9 pm. She was feeling shy and sitting silently. I turned to her and kissed on her lips and cheeks. She blushed. Then I pulled her towards me, hold her head and started kissing her lips again. I was sucking her lips 1 by 1. She was excited. She started sucking my lips and bit my lips 3-4 times. We exchanged our saliva during that time. We kissed her around 15-20 mins. By that time she was already on top of me.

Girl fucked by her tinder We broke our kiss. She smiled and told, “It was best ever kiss I ever had in my life yet.”

Girl fucked by her tinder She went to the kitchen and came with some snacks she prepared before coming to meet me. She served on the plate and I made the drinks for both of us. We started having our drinks and snacks. By the time I completed 1 peg, she completed 2 pegs. She was high by that time. Then she came and sat on my lap and started kissing again. I responded to her kiss. But my hands reached her boobs. I started pressing her boobs against her dress. And I started kissing her face and neck area. She was making a sound in excitement. Her pussy was wet by then.

Date: June 16, 2020