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gear vr sex She walked to the bathroom, her ass flashed and her boobs were going in front of her. She latched the bathroom door and I once took out my 8 incher and started stroking. It seemed she forgot soap and she opened the bathroom door.

I was taken aback and could not do enough to hide my monster cock immediately. She was surprised seeing my cock and did not know what to do but was just standing staring at my cock. ‘Tamo kari tourino? Brother what are you doing? I said nothing.

gear vr sex She said I have never seen that huge local cock. I have seen lots of porn and your cock is just like that of Negros’. I didn’t know what to do and I could not hide that huge monster now also and it wouldn’t go back inside my under pants as it is erected now.

gear vr sex I just said seeing your big boobs and ass make me horny. She laughed and said Natidudi chao i he mi sigani your penis is too big people will die. I said Echal napot nachei singse ubada eidi khaangba ngamdre’ sister seeing your assets I can’t hold any longer.

She said Paainingbra? I want to hold and I just went closed and took hold of her boobs and wow I couldn’t believe if it was a dream or reality. I have not touched or imagined I would be holding that huge boobs that too of a pure virgin and I kissed her while squeezing her boobs.

gear vr sex She murmured in my ear Tamo ishase yadre brother I can’t control. I removed the shirt and the towel and what a sight! She was wearing a pink bra and panty. I once removed the bra and there sprang up two huge whitish melons. I sucked those melons and removed her panty too.

gear vr sex Oh God! Seeing her pussy and I could not control any longer and I shot my load over her belly. She said Nupa thokte’ you are not like man. I said ‘I will not take a minute to get a hard on again. I licked her pussy for around 10 minutes and by that time my cock has risen to its maximum size.

gear vr sex She took hold of it and put inside her warm mouth what a pleasure. I had been longing for that moment and today I’m getting that from my cousin sister! She was expert in blowjob because now a days porn movies are easily accessible to girls too.

Date: May 3, 2020