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Amateur Teens Nasty Sunday and Monday is a holiday. I blushed as my mom chipped in; you want her to be away for 2 full nights don’t you. Dad came to my mom and put his hand on her bum and said, don’t you remember our first REAL date honey besides I like to have some free time with my sexy wife. Mom kissed him and said let me drop our daughter to her date then I am all yours bad boy for whatever you want.

Amateur Teens Nasty Dad cupped mom’s ass cheeks and said this also, mom nodded her head, dad chuckled promise, and mom giggled promise.As we came out mom said men are really pigs, I giggled, dad really likes you and what is the promise. Mom blushed a little and said your daddy wants to take your moms anal cherry. I giggled and said you mean on the night I plan to lose my cherry.

Amateur Teens Nasty She giggled, yes honey just like mother and daughter. I asked mum about her first time, she giggled and said it was with your dad, he is older by 6 years and was working, he booked a small cottage at a beach for our special date and we stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. I giggled, she said honey your dad was experienced, I liked him and we made love in many positions. We experimented this on our first time, your dad was so much turned on, he spanked my bum to real red purple”, I blushed “you liked it”, she winked, “Honey, pain leads to pleasure, the more intense pain the more intense pleasure”.

Amateur Teens Nasty I asked, “Mom, I saw Dan feeling you last night” she giggled, “honey, Dan is boss of your dad, I let him rub his hands over me, besides it’s a big turn on for your dad”. I giggled at her as she winked at me.As she dropped me, she said be a good date Nina, tease him a bit before give him what you want him to take and don’t be shy, experiment and remember to play with your nipples and clit when he fills you up, that’s how a woman enjoys sex.

Amateur Teens Nasty Mom what… “its ok sweetie every woman is a slut inside” Have fun. OMG… so true Donna exclaimed!!! they are so open minded, both your dad and mom knew you were going to lose your cherry. I giggled yes they did.I walked to the hotel entrance confidently, I was 10 minutes early so decided to walk around a little. I noticed men looking at me with smiles and I knew why

Date: March 17, 2019