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Fuck My GF GIF Me: Mosi kya hua? Should I stop

Mosi: Nai Ratan, dhire-dhire andhar dalte reh…

Phir mene ek aur push kiya aur mera lund pura mosi ki chut me chala gaya. Phir me dhire-dhire lund ko mosi ke chut me andar bahar karta raha..Mosi and me siskariya nikal rahe the…ahhhhhhh….. ummmmmmmmmmm…………. Yesssssss………………… uffffff………

Mosi: aur chod ratan….ahhhhhh…chodte reh…bahot acha lag raha hai

Fuck My GF GIF Me: Ha Mosi…..lo aur lo andhar tak….I kept fucking her pussy for next 10 mins in missionary position

Mosi: Ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhh yess, Ratan mera nikalne wala hai……ahhhhhhhh

I kept fucking her and after 7-8 stroke, I felt like I will bust and came inside her and lie down on her. After few minutes, my dick came out of her and our cum was oozing out of her pussy….

Mosi: Thank you Ratan, I love you beta… It was the best fuck ever…

Fuck My GF GIF Me: Mosi, lekin humne protection use nai kiya.

Mosi: Don’t worry, I will take a pill and also I am on safe period cycle.

Me: Mosi did I satisfy you? Are you happy?

Mosi: Ha Ratan, I am very much happy now. With your dick, you can satisfy any women. Your wife would be lucky.

We then cleaned our self in the washroom and came down on bed and lie down naked. This is how I lost Fuck My GF GIF my virginity to my loving mosi. Next what happened and how we enjoyed will cover in next part.

I was in the kitchen, preparing the dinner for the boss, the house owner, who was a nice man of late forties or early fifties. He walked into the kitchen as of a sudden; he greeted me, stood there, and started watching me working. I greeted him back with a smile I somehow knew he was looking at my semi bare legs and my ass.


Date: October 3, 2021