Friends Hot Mother Teasing Me Asslick


Asslick After a long stint working all over the world I had finally moved back to my home town. I’d been in the Military for a while then a good few years in the private sector and when my Aunt passed (my only relative) I used it as an excuse to move back and settle down.

I’d been home a few months when I ran into an old friend, she’d always been a woman I had crushed on as a kid but she was never single.

“I can’t believe you recognized me, I feel like I’ve changed a lot.” She said when I said hi in the supermarket.

Asslick “Your hair may be different Claire but you’re still the beautiful woman I remember.” I said with a smile.

“Oh, hey now, making me blush. Oh, this, is my daughter Mary, she is 6 going on 30 and likes to keep me on my toes.” She said, bringing the girl in front of her.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Mary.” I didn’t get a reply.

“She’s playing shy right now but give it time.”

“You, uh, married or anything?”

“I, um, no, he…” She replied, mouthing ‘Passed away’. “Left to go overseas.”

Asslick “Oh, well I’m sorry to hear that.”

“You don’t need to pretend Mommy, I know daddy is in heaven.” Said Mary.

“We…we can talk about it later sweetie.”

Asslick After that first meeting I couldn’t get enough of Claire. She was still the gorgeous, large breasted and fun woman I used to daydream about, she’d aged really well and looked like she was in her late 20’s rather than late 30’s. We went out a lot and after maybe 8 months of dating she asked me to move in, mostly I think because she hated my apartment. I got on pretty well with her kid too, she was fun and friendly and took to me pretty quickly. One weekend, after we’d been dating maybe a year or so, we went out for dinner and Claire brought her usual babysitter home, I’d never met her before then, she seemed really nice.

“Thank you again Amber, I’ve been so busy with work Marcus and I have hardly been out so I wanted to let him treat me.” Said Claire.

Asslick “Thought you said it was your treat?” I said with a grin.

“Oh you’re so funny.” Said Claire, fake rolling her eyes at me.

“It’s fine Claire, I promised this little lady we’d have a princess tea party next time I was here so we’ll be having fun.” Said Amber.

Claire and I had a really nice night, she got pretty drunk but I was driving so it didn’t matter.

“Sorry Amber, hope you don’t mind Marcus driving you home, I got pretty drunk.” Said Claire when we got home.

“Not at all, hope you had a nice night.” She replied.

Asslick “We did, was madam okay for you?”

“Yea, I wish all the kids I babysit for were as good.”

Amber lived a good 30 minutes away but Claire was good friends with her Mom and she trusted her. She was 19, slim and pretty with blue eyes and short blonde hair. A few minutes into the drive though she got really flirty and started asking really personal questions.

“So uh, will Claire still be awake when you get home?” She said, pushing her chest out a little.

Asslick “I hope so but she was pretty drunk.” I replied.

“Do you guys go at it a lot?”

“I uh, is kinda personal Miss Amber.”

“That’s okay, I’m open minded.”

“Still, I don’t think I should be sharing that kind of stuff with you.”

“She told me your cock is really nice.”

“I uh, okay, that’s nice.”

Asslick “I’ve always liked older men, boys my age can’t make me cum like an older man with experience can.”

“I uh, good. Well, this is you.” I said, thankful to be at her house.

“Well, goodnight.”

She had unbuckled her seat belt and looked like she was actually waiting for a kiss.

“Goodnight Amber.” I said.

She finally took the hint and left, I waited until she was inside her house then drove home. I told Claire all about it. She just laughed. Asslick

Date: December 6, 2019