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foursome lesbian The elevator jerks violently and then it is suddenly silent and we hang motionless above the abyss.

The lighting goes out. It is as if the Gods want us to meet in the final moment of our earthly existence.

An emergency light switches on and illuminates the lift. The lift creates an atmosphere that we know from the blood-curdling horror movies.

It is always the harbinger of a murderous mother who will soon crawl out of his vault to carry out his satanic plan. Sofia slowly walks towards me with a glance that runs down my spine.

foursome lesbian The clammy hands and palpitations have nothing to do with the fear I just felt, but have everything to do with Sofia. She is so close to me that I can almost feel the warmth of her body.

Is she secret with the lurid psychopathic traits? With all my senses sharp, I wait with closed eyes for the denouement.

foursome lesbian Sofia does nothing and I eagerly take the initiative with a kiss.

We spin around and lose ourselves, but the lift protests vehemently against this intimate performance and suddenly starts moving again with a violent shock and a shrill sound.

We are almost losing our balance and we are forced to break the tight knot to regain our balance. As soon as we have found our feet again, we grab each other for a passionate kiss.

foursome lesbian We look deeply into each other’s eyes, explore each other’s bodies and regularly pause between kisses. Suddenly it is dead silent when the elevator stops again.

What would that damn lift have in store for us now? The elevator doors open silently. Sofia storms out of the elevator. With the suitcase in my wake, I give chase.

We quickly walk through the dimly lit corridor. Sofia turns left into another corridor and then right again. It is as if we are fleeing from danger in a maze of corridors. 

Date: May 31, 2020