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Female bodybuilder It was a typical arctic winter night, The wind was blowing fiercely, snow was forming large drifts, and I was all alone in the small police station. All the officers were out on the road.

It was a very slow evening, and I was bored; so I wandered around the other offices of the station to look for something to read, leaving the door to the radio room open so that I could rush back to my desk if any calls came through.awewadfsertetrtrytu7tyrtgev etertgrtter rtyrtyrftyrtyr tgy5rtyrtfyrbhrty

Female bodybuilder I went into the lieutenant’s office, and there, on his  desk, was an iPad tabletI had seen him using once or twice before. I suspected it might require a password, so I turned it on to check. Nope–it let me log on without a password. 

I clicked the browser icon and the next thing I know I’m looking at the PornHub homepage.

That’s cool, I thought to myself. I always thought the lieutenant was a horndog. He certainly filled out Female bodybuilder his trousers better than every other guy working in our small office.sersedgdrtertr

I was curious, so I clicked the login form, and low and behold it filled in his username and password. His username was BruiserXXL, causing me to chuckle, then flush with heat in my crotch.drtdrgfdfghtry

I was really excited by what I saw: a pair of beautiful women being fucked by a well-hung stud. I took the tablet into the women’s room and fingered myself into oblivion. I rubbed my lips rhythmically and Female bodybuilder pinched my nipples though the blue uniform shirt. I brought myself to the brink of climaxing three times, but each time I got close, I would feel a rush of shame that kept my big-O at bay, shame about what I was doing.

Date: August 21, 2020