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Facial Blonde Teen Girl Layla and I had a botched 3-way after a Halloween party, but it didn’t matter to neither of us.  As the semester progressed, Layla and I would get together at least once a week for studying, food, and always great sex.  I spent pretty much the entire week at Layla’s during finals week, which made it easier to study really.  I was still emotionally attached to Layla and the thought of her ending things and being with anyone else worried me still.  I noticed Layla was actually getting a bit Facial Blonde Teen Girl more emotional with me – we’d hug and kiss goodbye, and even held hands a few times together while walking around campus.  Before or after sex, we could watch tv and just be cuddling.  Maybe I wasn’t reading the signs properly, but who knows?

The friday after our last final, Layla said she wanted to get together and exchange christmas gifts.  I decided to get her a nice necklace, which cost me just under $100.  I arrived at her apartment on a cold Friday night, and she even had a nice dinner cooked for us, with the table candlelit.  During dinner, I told Facial Blonde Teen Girl her to close her eyes, and took her hand, and put the necklace into her hand.  She jumped up, gave me a huge hug and a kiss and told me how beautiful it was.  Her eyes just showed how much she loved it.  Layla then took my hands, looked at me and said:

“Jimmy, I’ve told you in the past I don’t want to be in a committed relationship.  I’ve been hurt before, and that’s why I never wanted to get tied down with anyone.  You showed me differently over the past Facial Blonde Teen Girl year that we’ve gotten to know each other, and you have changed my outlook on relationships.  I cannot honestly see myself with any other person, and you are just so wonderful.  I know it’s usually the guy who asks, but Jimmy, I want you to be my boyfriend!”

Date: July 12, 2020