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Facial Blonde Girlfriend Actually we were very frank i said everything about my gang bang and all sex stories with strangers so i guess he was a bit horny that day and i m horny always so i wanted to tease him a bit than be his whore for that day

Facial Blonde Girlfriend All of a sudden he started requested me for a blowjob  and took his dick on his hand and started doing crazy stuff I didn’t hold it or he forced  me i walked out of the room seeing his dick size and moved into my room and locked the room.. I could feel that my pussy started dripping I started getting goosebumps so i got my clothes out covered myself in towel and walked out with bare feets and a towel in which I was exposing my ass.. As I came to him I saw his 8 inch long black dick in his hand and I fell in love with it. I didn’t knew my beat friend had this big dick.. He saw me with lusty eyes and signaled me to be his whore and I accepted it with no conditions

Facial Blonde Girlfriend I asked him to come to my room after removing the towel from my body.. I went to the bed and laid down and spread my legs he came closer to me and grabbed my boobs tightly and spanked me hardly I was getting a feel of real sex a great fun

Facial Blonde Girlfriend I took his dick in my mouth it was so thick that it was chocking my mouth I requested him to be slow and patient but he was wanted me to squirt so he started fucking my pussy I was unable to scream even though it was giving me immense pleasure

I squirted multiple times and as a promise I surrendered my ass to him in which he exploded all his cum and at last asked me to be a queen for his friend’s party indirectly a gangbang with all new friends

Date: July 12, 2020
Actors: fantasy