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Face Fuck Wife It was clear something had you on edge; was it the unprocessed reports piling up on your desk, or maybe it was the fact you had recently been moved to share your office space, much to your displeasure? But whatever it was, when your eyes finally met mine across the large expanse of the formal meeting table, as your department boss I immediately knew what it was….and smiled to myself.

Face Fuck Wife The corporate Manager of the company began, and just as quickly as he dived into the issues of the agenda, you leaned back and rolled your eyes. Others seated across from you could tell something was amiss, however, while Manger’s diatribe continued. In a diverting fashion, you leaned forward, put your elbow on the desk, and lightly flicked your tongue across the tip of your finger…apparently interested in diverting my attention!

Face Fuck Wife   Some of the office staff pretended not to notice and others weren’t sure what you were up to and really didn’t care, but me? Ohhh….I only knew too well! Yes….I could see my secretary was quite distracted by other thoughts, more pressing matters as I had been out on assignment. Clearly my absence during the last week had left you….wanting. The not-so-subtle message was quite clear!

Face Fuck Wife You could say during the last year, our recent working relationship had become intimate, to say the least. The moments spent at my private office were entirely well-spent; and by the time you had finished delivering all the necessary reports, you and I were wonderfully spent! Over the course of the working week you would occasionally visit me, sometimes even after the staff had all left for the day; drop the day’s reports in my lap, give me your most naughty look, then bend over and lay across my desk, oblivious of the paperwork strewn to be completed.

Date: July 11, 2020
Actors: brooklyn