Excogi College Casting Boss Jillian Janson gives her good employee


Excogi College Casting Finally, you were at his door, sliding the key card into the slot when the door swung open forcefully, and there he was, grabbing you by the arm quickly and pulling you inside. You barely had time to register his open shirt and unfastened pants before you suddenly found yourself thrust back against the wall.

Excogi College Casting Your eyes frantically searched his wondering what went wrong, you began to choke out the words, “I thought……” was all he allowed you to say before he took your face in both hands and devoured your lips as if I might swallow you whole! It wasn’t a gentle kiss by any means. It was a possessive, dominant kiss. You felt the previous ache suddenly become a powerful spasm between your legs when the full head of his exposed shaft bobbed against your bare thigh.  He paused, and with piercing eyes met yours directly. Face inches from yours now. There was no question about the heat, the intensity of your Sir, you were breathless; then came the stern directive :

I will fuck you like the brazen woman you acted like on the phone, then if you behave accordingly, I just might hold you like the princess you are. But first….first we will discuss your severe punishment for calling me from the lobby in that manner!

Excogi College Casting Obviously, this had not gone the direction you had planned.

You could feel his hand tighten around your throat…while his cock stiffened, sliding further up your thigh, just grazing the slippery essence slick in between your legs. His cock was ready to reclaim, randy and determined to conquer this haughty insubordination you wore so brazenly. His manhood smeared with your fresh arousal, pulsed and twitched, but as tempted as he was, he stopped.

“Turn around !” he commanded.

Excogi College Casting “Please?” You whispered softly. Begging with your eyes before you can’t. Begging for your Sir to give you his relief you so wanted. But knowing he will do so in his own time, making you wait…drawing you out and magnifying your need until you are numb with desire…almost becoming a wild thing at his command.

Date: July 15, 2020
Actors: jillian janson