Elegant Anal – Open The Hatch starring Alexis Crystal and Chad Rockwell


Elegant Anal Turning to face the wall, immediately you unbuttoned the pretty blouse and shrugged your ass free of the short skirt to the floor. Your beautiful curves enhanced, in the stark evening light that shone through the sliding patio glass door.

You felt the silk blindfold encircle, then tied snug.

Elegant Anal Now only with touch and sound as your guide, you are told to sit back on the comfortable sofa, surrendered completely to your Sir’s pleasure. Instantly you can feel the tip of a quirt graze and slowly play along your full breasts, teasing your pert nipples to come out and bud.

And then, instead of the lash you surely thought was coming, to your surprise, now the full tip  of a large dildo is pressed against your  lips

“Take the dildo, Ms., and show me what you can do with it!”

Elegant Anal You gladly grasp the large glass cock, first you lick and suck the tip of its head with loud suckling sounds and then fully wet, you slowly slip it in your snatch with no effort taking its full girth. Knowing your Sir is fully pleasured by watching you fuck yourself, you work the dildo back and forth, slowly at first.

“Tell me …..how does it feel Ms. ?”  I ask.

Elegant Anal “Ohhhhhh….delicious my Sir.” You utter, spreading your legs further apart, rubbing your clit and working the dildo now at the same time.

Hearing you pant,  and moan brings my cock rigid. It sounds delectable hearing your gasps of pleasure, making it hard for me to contain myself, but this you cannot see.

“Mmm….I give you permission to fully enjoy that dildo” I respond.

“Ohh….yes……yes………thank you, my Sir”

Elegant Anal Your lake of desire hungers to be filled, in fact, you wanted to have every part of you filled at this point. Your mind surged with the pleasure of being fucked hard and fast.  Your hips are now moving in the smooth rhythm of undulating motion against the thick dildo with wild abandon; desperately trying to coax the orgasm to the surface of your being.

Date: June 23, 2020