Ebony maid Aubrey Sinclair Dylan Snow Shower Me With Love


Ebony maid You awoke in the morning to nothingness, everything was dark. You tried moving your arm to see if something was blocking your vision, a blanket perhaps. No matter how hard you try you can’t move either of your arms, or your legs for that matter. Panic stricken you start to struggle, that’s when I slap your face, and you realize someone is there with you. Fear appears on your face and I know you felt helpless!

Ebony maid You tried to scream but when you opened your mouth I stuff some fabric inside and tie it tight behind your head stopping you from making a sound. You’re not sure what it is at first, but then you realuze it’s a pair of your used panties from earlier that day. You look as though you want to gag, but couldn’t. Again you look helpless and start to cry. I gently caress your face, wiping away a tear. Please don’t cry I whisper in your ear. I promise you you’ll enjoy this.

Ebony maid You stop crying immediately in shock. Your fear overwhelms you, you know your about to be raped. You start struggle and tried screaming, but only muffled whimpers can be heard. I grab your nightie and tear it completely off your body. Naked except for your little pink panties. Your chest rising up and down from fear. Your tits are exposed and your nipples harden.

Ebony maid I just stare at your body for a moment before having my way with you. I lean in and bite your nipple. Gently sucking, licking and squeezing. I whisper that you have beautiful tits and that you should show them off more. You start to breath heavier and seem aroused. Your body’s betraying you. You’re about to be raped, but you’re getting turned on. You’re about to be raped, but you’re getting turned on.

Date: August 24, 2020
Actors: aubrey sinclair