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Ebony big ass anal Now I have never really liked Charlie because sometimes he can be annoying to me.  During one of my marital breakdowns I drove away from Germany and went and lived with Charlie and his then girlfriend in Exeter for about 2 months.

He started to annoy me by continually phoning my husband and telling him what I was up to. It was whilst there that after about two weeks I’d decided to teach him a lesson! So at every opportunity whilst his girlfriend was working and he was home with me alone I began to flash him or deliberately tease Ebony big ass anal him.  I would walk out of my bedroom with my dressing gown open when I knew he was in the hallway, and
pretend I was doing up the cord making sure he got a good eye full of my knickers and bra. This progressed
onto the same thing but being naked. I would leave it open longer pretending not to notice he was Ebony big ass anal there.

i would often set up the ironing board in the lounge when he was watching tv ensuring that my back was towards him and place the wash basket full of ironing as close to him as possible. I would then put on Ebony big ass anal my netball skirt and loose top with no bra and a thong which I would pull up between my pussy lips. Then for the next 2 hours I would slowly do the ironing.  I would part my legs and then bend at the waist to search through the ironing basket making sure I took my time. My pussy which was clearly on view to him would have been no more then two feet from him, so he would have a very clear view.

Half way through I would ask him if he wanted a cup of tea?

Date: August 25, 2020