Don’t Leave Mommy (Modern Taboo Family) Family Taboo


Family Taboo It had been another long day down at the precinct, interrogating a pair of knuckleheads who seemed a likely fit for a recent spate of drug store heists. Another day dealing with the scum who infested the city like a never-ending plague of vermin. Detective Jake Thomas had been on the force longer than he could remember and was now only a couple of years away from retirement. He couldn’t wait to hand in his badge and gun and get the hell out of Sink City. His detective’s pension wouldn’t amount to much but it would be enough Family Taboo to live on if he was careful. Rubbing his chin, Jake realized he needed a shave. His shirt was soaked in sweat after spending most of the day in a hot, airless interview room down in the basement. The air-conditioning system had broken down weeks ago and still hadn’t been fixed. Jake was looking forward to the end of summer and the prospect of some cooler weather. It had got real close the last few weeks and he could sense the city was on edge, its citizens fraught, their tempers raised close to boiling point.

Family Taboo Everyone was waiting nervously for the spark that would ignite another outburst of random violence and mayhem, setting the city streets ablaze again. With his work done, Jake said his goodbyes to his colleagues and walked over to his car parked opposite the station. He soon got caught in the usual traffic snarl up on the way home, gridlocked in a jam that was going nowhere fast. Stationary red tail lamps stretched into the distance as everyone rushed to leave town, Family Taboo like rats deserting a sinking ship. It wasn’t as though Jake had much to look forward to when he eventually got back to his empty apartment, just a couple of cold beers in the fridge and a microwaved TV dinner. He would probably watch a movie whilst eating his dinner then hit the sack early. It wasn’t much to get excited about. His ex-wife filed for divorce years ago because she’d Family Taboo had enough of being married to a cop. Jake didn’t blame her for that, he would have got out too if he had known how.

Family Taboo Lila was the only real thing in his life now. Sat there in his car, waiting for the traffic to start moving, Jake’s thoughts turned to the sassy broad who had become such an important part of his life. He remembered the good times they had together, the friendship and laughter, and of course the fabulous sex. Dammit, he needed to see her! Hardly thinking, just going on instinct, Jake swung his battered Buick Riviera into the oncoming traffic and headed back into town, Family Taboo ignoring the blaring horns as infuriated drivers made way for him. Lucky he was a cop, otherwise he could have been pulled over for making a move like that. Traffic was lighter heading back into the city so Jake made good time, cruising past block after block of crowded tenement buildings interspersed with seedy looking bars, liquor stores and garish, neon lit strip joints. Reflections shimmered in the wet tarmac, still slick from a recent downpour. The streets became narrower and dingier as he entered the meaner side of town. The buildings looked worn out and neglected, their absentee landlords not even bothering to keep up the pretence of maintaining them. Trash was strewn everywhere, some of it caught by occasional gusts of wind, sending it tumbling down the empty streets. A few convenience Family Taboo stores and a fast food joint struggled to survive but otherwise the boarded-up buildings and darkened alleyways gave the place a menacing feel. Not the kind of place to linger in unless you were looking for something you couldn’t get anywhere else. Maybe a fix from a dealer, or maybe just a good time with the girls who hung around here, or long legged, husky voiced transvestites, depending on your preference. There was only Family Taboo

Date: December 6, 2019