Dad And Uncle Gorgeous rich girl seduces her bodyguard hell are you


Dad And Uncle He was in his sixties and a complete gentleman; nothing like the previous weekend with the Mexican brutes.

The time went by quickly and I didn’t think any more about Geri, but when she didn’t show up for work on Monday, I began to worry. I called her several times and it went to voice mail. I didn’t know what to Dad And Uncle do or who to tell. She finally showed up for work wearing a short black skirt and a light weight jacket hiding her top on Tuesday. She looked tired and I saw a few bruises on her legs.  After work, she asked if I wanted to go for a drink. Of course I did! I had to find out what happened.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for their great tasting Margaritas. Once in a booth away from others, she ordered a pitcher of Strawberry Margaritas. I asked her what happened and if she was okay. She didn’t look trashed like she did the weekend before. But when she took off her jacket, I noticed a light Dad And Uncle weight white blouse sheer enough to make out her nipples. I could see bars through her nipples protruding under the blouse.

She teared up and answered, “I’m fine Kathryn. But you were right. This is never going to end. I have to go back this weekend again. They gave me $500 for the weekend of being a puta. It wasn’t as bad as Dad And Uncle you think. I did have fun. But there were a lot of guys that took me. I just got used to it and the guys did tell me I was beautiful as they enjoyed me. I know they left happy.”

The waitress came by and dropped off our cocktails. We began sipping the yummy drinks, while Geri continued her description of the events. But when I asked what was in her nipples, she grinned and Dad And Uncle replied, “Oh those. I had my nipples pierced and those are silver bars. The guys really liked seeing them in me too. But that’s not all. They gave me tattoos too. Look here.”

Date: October 9, 2021