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cuckold couple This was not the first time I was seeing her in this attire. But she looked gorgeous to me. The thought that she has seen me naked was arousing me. I was wearing shorts and full-length t-shirt to her house. Due to those thoughts, my dick was already semi erect. She welcomed me with a smile and asked me to sit on the dining table while she serves the food.

cuckold couple I sat there quietly and was seeing her. While she walked past me I could see those huge butts moving up and down in rhythm to her motion. I kept my hand on my dick over my shorts and was squeezing it. She brought the foods on the table and sat in front of me and serve me foods. I was not making an eye contact.

cuckold couple When she sensed I was not acting normal she broke the tense situation by asking why did you not go to the office. I said I was feeling bored so thought of taking a day off. She was behaving normally and asking so what’s your plan for the day.? Going out somewhere? Meeting your girlfriend? Blah blah.

I was just paying attention to her boobs which were very well visible to my naked eyes. Each bite I took I would imagine myself sucking those melons. Nisha was talking to me and I was engrossed in eating… Eating her boobies in my imagination.

cuckold couple She pinched me and asked what happened. I lied that I am having a headache. She told you can sleep her after your lunch I will give u head massage. I finished my food and she gave me a way to her bedroom. As I was tall I was not able to fit on her sofa. I lay on the bed and was thinking this is the same place where anish would be fucking her. I was getting hard on due to such imagination.

cuckold couple Meanwhile, she went to keep the utensils and came back to the room with oil. She took my head and kept it on her lap. I was so aroused as I could the under part of her boobs from below. I was slowly getting aroused. She was like a careful girl caressing my head and giving me a head massage. The smell of her was mesmerizing me, I wanted to just squeeze her big 36d boobs. I initiated the chat, I asked her cuckold couple

I- where is anish ?.

Date: December 16, 2019