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Cuckold Compilation The place was fancy and high class, but it was almost empty of customers due to the pandemic, the waiter was standing there, leaning on a counter waiting for us to be ready to order, but I had already noticed the waiter’s eyes fixed on me, following each and every move I made, which pleased me in a way, I even gave him some hints as signs of me not being annoyed by that, he was a Cuckold Compilation young man of early to mid-twenties, a fine looking young man whom I liked in fact, I was acting naughty or slutty enough to try flashing some of my body parts here and there to reward his following hungry eyes.

He approached us a couple of times to get the food order, but I told him to wait to hope my date would get free sooner or later, I think the waiter had already noticed my being pissed off by almost being Cuckold Compilation ignored by my date which encouraged him to look further at my body or what he could see of it, may be trying to flirt with my but silently and from distance, being afraid to be caught by my date.

Finally, I waved for the waiter and told him I was ready to order, because my date would never be ready, I started giving him my food order while my date was still busy on the phone, then I handed the waiter Cuckold Compilation the paper towel I had under my silver ware, with a few words I had written on it saying, ‘meet me at the ladies’ bathroom’.

Cuckold Compilation I slipped my hand between his hands without my date noticing, placed the napkin (paper towel) over his order book, I looked around to make sure nobody around to see me, then bringing my hand back I rubbed his cock over his pants so fast and let go, he must have gotten my clear short message right away.

Cuckold Compilation The waiter and I were both looking at my date whose face was buried into his  mobile phone screen, waiting for him to order, the waiter looked back at me, I smiled looking around again through the corners of my eyes to make sure it was safe, and I moved my dress top piece aside revealing my hard nipple for the waiter, I grinned, smiled and winked an eye at him, I covered my nipple Cuckold Compilation up and looked at my date saying, “Jim, the waiter is waiting”, Jim is my boring date

Date: March 1, 2021