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Hot Teen Whenever someone made a mistake, they would be ordered to make the death march to Sister Olivia’s desk, outstretch their hands, and let her slap her trusty meter stick against their knuckles, each audible slash of the wood making everyone shudder. Against her better judgment, Helena allowed her eyes to wander and look out the window at the sunny campus of Rosewood University. The school had originally been developed to help deal with Italy’s high orphan rate while spreading the Christian faith,

Hot Teen starting out as a Christian academy for children. Eventually, other countries began shipping in their orphans after seeing the great results, and then families started sending in their kids. It was now the largest and one of the most prestigious Catholic schools in the world, boasting a student body ranging from preschoolers to college students and with armies of new priests and nuns being marched out every year, Sister Olivia would practically crucify her.

Hot Teen “Helena O’Connor, come to the Disciplinary Committee’s office immediately.” The announcement from the PA system let her release a sigh of relief. Punishment had saved her from punishment. All the students shrugged, well used to hearing this commandment. “Sorry, Sister Olivia, but I must leave,” she said sheepishly. The teacher scowled at her, knowing that Helena hadn’t been paying attention. “Go, but I still expect you to translate when you get back.”

Hot Teen “Yes, ma’am!” Taking her book bag with her, Helena stepped out of the classroom and began walking as fast as she could down the hall. Running was against the rules, but with how large the school was, she needed to put in some speed and reach the committee before they sent out another announcement. Stepping out into the open campus, she allowed herself a moment to enjoy the sunlight, breeze, and smell of grass, and then took off in a run. She passed by many other students in her rapid dash, both male and female.

Date: March 10, 2019
Actors: Melisa