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Arab College girl Sex While I slowly build up the lather on her glistening body, Stacy’s body moves to meet my hands and soft sounds of pleasure escape her mouth. As I continue to rub soap across Stacy’s back and ass I slide my other hand between her legs and lightly touch her pussy. She lets out a gasp and starts moving her hips back and forth against my hand. My fingers are pushed between the silky folds of her …

pussy and feel how hot and wet she is inside. While this is happening, my arm is around her body as my hand is caressing the perfect breasts that sit at attention on her glistening body. The attention to her nipples and pussy brings a low whimper from Stacy’s mouth as she braces herself against the shower wall. As I work my hands across her tits and rub a finger over her clit, Stacy shutters and reaches back to take hold of my cock and touches my balls at the same time.

The excitement is almost too much for me to bear and I need a release or my balls are going to burst.. I turn Stacy around to face me and plant a kiss hard on her lips as I continue to College girl Sex rub her swollen clit with my finger and hook another finger up inside her. She backs away from my touch, kneels down and kisses the head of my cock. It jumps a little at the touch of her tender lips as she takes the head in her mouth while fondling my balls. As she licks the head and length of my 7″ shaft,

I can’t believe how good it feels and try to control myself. College girl Sex Stacy then slowly slides her mouth down the whole length of my cock until her nose and chin are resting against my balls and bush. As she slowly works my cock in and out of her mouth, I lose the ability to control myself and feel my balls tighten as they get ready to send my seed forward. I warn Stacy that I’m going College girl Sex to cum, but she just smiles and keeps sliding my cock all the way into her mouth.

Date: February 25, 2019