collage anal Pinay Sex Scandal Kantot Habang Umaalog ang Suso


collage anal I threw my bag onto the chair and headed straight for the shower to wash off the road. The water felt wonderful against my tits, I leaned in letting it flow down my back to the crack of my ass then making a little loop until I could feel its warmth dripping from my pussy. I thought about Sam . . . I lathered myself up and moved my fingers to my swollen clit….tiny circles at first, a little more collage anal pressure..mmm.. damn it felt good.
Suddenly I heard something… Tap,tap,tap
It was faint…I turned off the shower, soap still dripping from my body especially my pussy. It looked like it had a tiny little beard of bubbles from all the friction my fingers were giving it. Tap,tap,tap.. There it collage anal was again!
I threw my towel around me and peeked out into the bedroom…I could see a figure outside the window. Shit… I grabbed the taser from my bag and stood there frozen. I could see the knob starting to turn.. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…. As soon as that arm came through the door ZAPPO…
collage anal Sam fell onto the floor with a horrified look on his face. I dropped the towel and the taser. “What the hell are you doing?” I shouted at him. ” I could have killed you! How did you know I didn’t have a gun…Christ!!”
Sam looked about as confused as I was. He stared at my face then those pretty eyes drifted down to my collage anal bare breasts….then the Santa claus beard slowly dissipating between my legs. I didn’t stop him..I pushed the door shut and kneeled down so he could get a better view. His hands went right for my face and he kissed me deeply, it was hard almost forceful. He pulled me into him, working his way down my neck to my hard nipples. Grabbing them one by one in his mouth and sucking so hard. I grabbed his head and held him there, pushing my tits further into his mouth. He started kissing me collage anal again, guiding me back onto my towel until he was on top of me. His hands grabbed both my arms and pinned me down..I felt powerless beneath his weight., he started grinding his pelvis into me. I could feel his cock through his pants, it felt thick and hard…my pussy was so wet. When he came into kiss me again I got free of his grip

Date: February 5, 2021