Chubby Latina Hot Teen Babe’s Anal Adventure Goes Brutally Deep


Chubby Latina As I took Eve down a dark hallway in this mansion to find an empty room to ravage her, I was still reeling from the information that Eve had dropped on me about my little cum slut. I knew I had to put this towards the back of my mind for a little bit so I could enjoy this ginger haired vixen. At the end of this hallway, there was a door slightly cracked. I assumed this meant that it was vacant. All the other doors were shut and you could hear moans and sounds of funishment.

Chubby Latina This room was huge with a four-post bed, mirrors on the ceiling, and a sitting area with an antique chase lounge. The four-post bed had leather cuffs at each post for some bondage fun. Eve turned around as we entered the room and said, “I want you to blindfold me, tie me up, and have your way with me.”

Chubby Latina Oh, did I have some ideas running through my head with this lady. She still had the periwinkle lace lingerie on that had captured my eye in the crowded living room earlier. As she got closer to the bed, I grabbed a handful of that beautiful red mane of hers and pulled her head against my chest Chubby Latina and groaned in her ear and said, “you are mine and I own you until I am finished with you!” She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she was the kind of lady to enjoy a man to take what he wants and use her for his pleasure.

Chubby Latina While my left hand was wrapped up in her hair, I took my free hand to unsnap her bra and release her perfect store-bought breasts. I threw her onto the bed and turned her over on her back while aggressively kissing her vulnerable neck. All the while, I was guiding her arms one by one up to each bed post and securing them with the leather straps. I then slid down to her legs and guided each one to their perspective bed posts as well. 

Date: January 23, 2021