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Chubby Ebony I must take us back to where this all began…

We live in a manor overlooking the river that swims through a land of plenitude. I lift my head from the pillow of my second morning slumber. I look out over my bedroom balcony and onto the river hamlet pier.

Chubby Ebony My mother is returning from her morning brisk. She is beautiful. She is 40 years of age. I am 21. She has this air about her that spells ‘instant ease’. The sun is behind her and somehow floats her closer and closer to the manor where we, her and I live and spend many a season. I look over this same scene and as I am lost in thought and wonder, my mother has ascended the manor steps and brought about her presence upon this quietened awaiting room.

Chubby Ebony This room we call our living room, brightens as step by step she approaches and kisses me on the cheek with hints of routine only a mother can express. I am nineteen. I am full of awe this beginning of a new summer day. My mother’s name is May. She lifts a glass of breakfast smoothie and rushes from bag to pantry with her new-bought fresh cut loaf for a freshly coupled day anew.

My name is Pete Sommers

“Morning Sunshine”

Chubby Ebony My mother proudly and happily announces.

She has her white and tight bright apparels that shine of a morning sunlit dew. I click my iPad power button off just in time so as my mother does not see the half naked woman with a semi erect penis on Chubby Ebony the tip of her tongue. A woman with big firm set breasts and nipples of a few drops of a large cum spent cock.

Date: January 26, 2021
Actors: sarah banks