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Chubby brunette As we arrived, I slid my hand out of her pants. The whimper I receive from that was heartbreaking. I could tell she needed something soon. I drove through the drive thru to get myself a coffee and her a warm pumpkin spice latte. There was quite a line to place the order, and I could tell she was getting restless. The next thing I know her lips were on my neck and her hand had found my already hardening cock. Did I say that she smelled so good!

Chubby brunette All the while, through the line she was rubbing my cock through my suit pants. She wanted to feel him in her hands. I heard the zipper noise as she tugged on the zipper to get to him. I was ordering our drinks as she was giving me a good dry rub. Still there were about four cars before we would get to the window, so she leaned over to put him in her mouth and begin a great little blowjob. Chubby brunette With only one more car to go, I lifted her head and motioned her back over to her side and you should have seen the cutest pouty face she made. Her lower lip was poked out and then her index finger just at her lips as she bit it ever so slightly.

I paid for the drinks and we decided to park in an adjacent lot to enjoy them and probably each other for a few minutes. I decided to open my door and get into the middle row behind the driver’s seat. This Chubby brunette vehicle had captain’s chairs in the middle row which gave great room in between the seats. She had worked me up so much that I could not get my hard on to subside. I closed the door and she asked, “what are you doing back there?” 

Date: December 22, 2020