Chinease solo Yoga The beast from the Girl Twisted In Unnatural Positions


Chinease solo Yoga It was a night the lockdown had ended and we got vaccinated for corona. I convinced my wife to have an erotic evening with me in a hotel away from home. She agreed to it. I told her that the whole evening will be a surprise and nothing will be told to her before.

Chinease solo Yoga I searched for the hotels and booked a 3-star hotel on the Gurgaon road. It had good reviews and they provided the room for half a day without any questions. We did not plan a nightout as we had to go to work the next day.

Chinease solo Yoga So we reached to the hotel around 1 pm. My wife was surprised to see such a hotel booked. She wondered what were my plans. So I told her that I want to be free of the disciplined world and wonder. I also told her that I wanted some exhibitionism to make the evening more erotic. So we went inside. There were two men at the reception. I told them we need a room for 6 hours and want to have drinks in the room. They booked us under anonymous names and asked us to enjoy the evening without any fear.

Chinease solo Yoga We went in the room and paid Rs 50 to the porter. He was happy and as he left he told me that he can help in any way I want like extra pack of condoms, cigarettes, imported drinks, a masseur,  photographer etc. I was amazed at the offers. New plans arose in my mind. I tool his contact and told him that I will let him know.

Chinease solo Yoga I sat with my wife, we visited the washroom. It was decent looking with a bathtub. We planned a shower and I got the tub filled. We both went in the tub and discussed about our evening. She said that she can only show her boobs at the most to the waiters and nothing else. I reluctantly Chinease solo Yoga agreed. We played in the tub and then I ordered two beers from the washroom phone. After 5 minutes, the bell rang. I went to open the door in the towel and the same person was infront of me. I guess they did not have many serving people in the hotel.

Chinease solo Yoga I allowed him in and he kept the beer bottles on the table and got near me for signing the cheque. To my surprise, my wife came out of the washroom wrapped in her towel with bare legs and shoulders. His eyes could not move away from her. My wife assumed that this was the time of exhibitionism but I did not plan it so. It was just a normal order. My heart was pounding as

Date: April 7, 2021