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Cheating With Anal BBC “I am so sorry! I should not have done that!” she exclaimed. To help her mind calm down, I went in for a kiss this time. Once again the passion returned. We sat on the couch making out like a couple of horny teenagers. I had never been with a woman and the whole encounter was exciting me more and more. After what seemed like eternity, Holly broke our embrace. She looked me in the eyes. “Are you sure you are up for this?” she asked. I responded with a yes.

Cheating With Anal BBC She stood up and took my hand. I started to stand up and walk when suddenly I got to see just how strong she really was. Her right arm cradled my back and I suddenly felt her left arm lifting my legs. There she stood holding me. She quickly kissed my lips and started to carry me to her bedroom. I kind of giggled a little. Here was this beautiful Glamazon carrying me into her bed as if were our wedding night. The whole thing turned me on more. Cheating With Anal BBC

Cheating With Anal BBC We got inside the room and she laid me gently down on the bed moving to lay beside me. Once again our lips met. The passion filled my mind with lust. I had not been with another woman before and wasn’t sure what to do. Holly understood and took charge. I felt her tongue part my lips and enter my mouth. We swirled our tongues together as passion built between us even more.

Cheating With Anal BBC Her hand began to roam my body. I could feel her fingertips caressing my back and neck. She traced the outline of my ears which sent a shiver through my body. The way she touched me was different than my previous lovers. Holly was delicate and caring. She touched me like only a woman could. Knowing what made me feel good. This was more than just a need for sex. It was a need for passion. Cheating With Anal BBC

Cheating With Anal BBC She began to tug at my shirt. We broke the kiss and she pulled my shirt over my head. In one quick movement she tossed it to the floor. When she turned her attention back to me, she was pleasantly surprised to see I had removed my bra and tossed it away as well. Holly followed by removing her own shirt and bra. Her enormous tit sprang free. They were bigger than mine and looked more muscular too. I reached out to touch them. Their weight surprised me. Holly moaned as I explored her bust.

Date: May 29, 2020