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camshow She showed the official stamp to the NCO standing at the exit gate and he waved her through. He followed the curve of her buttocks and her long legs down the street until she disappeared in the throng.

He checked his watch. Another three hours until he was relieved at his post; he wondered what that peacock of a Major was up to, tucked up comfortably in his little office.

September 1943

camshow Corporal Daniel Collingwood was almost blind when he was released from ‘the cooler’, also referred to as ‘the hole’, a small, whitewashed stone cell about ten by five feet sparsely furnished with a bed, a small table and a chair. There was no heating and the tiny window was boarded over.

He had been punished for escaping from Stalag Luft Oberursel, which was located just camshow outside Frankfurt. He had been on the run for just over a week disguised as a French businessman making his way to Paris when he was arrested trying to cross the border. At his hearing the overly ambitious prosecutor had tried to have him sentenced to death as a spy but the court was aware that allied prisoners of war considered it their duty to camshow try to escape. He was unarmed and carried no subversive paraphernalia.

He was sentenced to three months confinement in the punishment cell, the cooler, with no contact allowed except for the guards. He was permitted one hour exercise each day, to be taken only at night. The intention was to break his spirit and take away any appetite for further escape.

camshow Daniel was haggard, his body frail and his hair long; he had allowed it to grow prior to his escape, hiding it under his hat hoping that it would help disguise him. It was now down past the bottom of his neck. He was filthy, emaciated and half-blind. He was allowed a week to recuperate in the barracks before he would have to abide by the camp’s routine.

camshow Daniel left the barracks and walked over to the shower block, still half-blind and even though the water was icy cold he considered the three buckets of water and small block of soap a luxury as he rinsed, soaped, and rinsed again. He put on the ill-fitting secondhand faded uniform provided for him that had likely had once belonged to a dead man, and made his way back to the barracks anticipating a shave and haircut.

camshow “The devil’s luck eh Danny?” Paddy O’Reardon an Irish Aircraftman from the same squadron as Danny said as he put a tattered towel around Daniel’s shoulders.

Date: January 3, 2021